Building Information is a premier BIM design consultancy and has been providing construction designs from almost a decade. We have grown over the years and now alongside our Building Information Modeling we are also embracing all the aspects of BIM including Architectural BIM services, Structural BIM services, HVAC BIM services, Plumbing BIM services, Electrical BIM services, 4D BIM modeling and 5D BIM modeling. The ethos of our company is to offer a total BIM design solution based on collaboration, detailing, user-friendliness and to provide innovative and cost-effective services to all our clients. We strive to be at the forefront of all and we do on a daily basis to exceed expectations of customers, through delivering excellent BIM outsourcing services.

Architectural BIM Services Lower Hutt

Designed to improve decision-making, our architectural Bim services are powerful analytics tool that enhances the coordination between architectural, engineers and builders. 3D architectural modeling is an innovative visualisation product, which revolutionises the way faults, and facilities can be seen, located and dealt with buildings and infrastructure projects. We pride ourselves on creating Architectural Bim services work in-house and to the highest quality standards. Our services are reliable, accurate and highly-detailed that helps in decision-making. Our architectural range of services extends from providing strategic advice on 4D architecture design, 5D architecture design, 3D architectural modeling and Architectural BIM modeling. We work for new building projects for institutional, corporate and private clients across the globe.

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Structural BIM Services Lower Hutt

Structural BIM Services improves documentation, increases productivity, and streamline collaboration across teams to accelerate construction. The precision, detailing and planning, of Structural BIM Services, keeps the design team informed and satisfied with the construction. Our expert team is constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver truly unique and market leading Structural BIM Services to our clients. We offer a range of structural engineering services including structural steel design, structural beam design calculations, and structural shop drawings fabrication. We also help to understand and implement BIM services in an effective ways. As a BIM design consultancy, we have a highly skilled team of technicians completing structural 3D BIM drawings, structural 4D BIM drawings and structural 5D BIM drawings for all types of building varying in size and complexity.

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HVAC BIM Services Lower Hutt

In the building design, HVAC BIM services are used to analyze the flow of air, control the temperature, remove the smoke and polluted particle to offer a safer and greener surrounding inside the building. During the creation of building information modeling, the HVAC system is planned and designed in the early stages making the workflow flawless, efficient and reduce turnaround time for the construction work. We offer a wide range of high quality, innovative technical solutions including BIM coordination drawings, BIM 4D modeling services and BIM 5D modeling services for major building projects across the world. We design the HVAC system in an efficient way with our in-house team of expert engineers. By fulfilling the needs of our global customers, we become a well-known company in the AEC sector.

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Plumbing BIM Services Lower Hutt

Plumbing BIM services is a process of creating intelligent 3D models that contain information such as size, material, service type, performance and cost of pipes and plumbing system. We have the finest heritage when it comes to delivering advance Building Information Modeling. Our modern, collaborative and innovative approach of working gives precise and reliable Plumbing BIM services. We provide plumbing BIM services alongside electrical BIM services and mechanical BIM services and this allows us to offer a true MEP BIM service which we believe is second to none. We have a wealth of skills and huge experience as a BIM design consultancy. The work we have completed is the legacy of our perfection. We will continue to ensure the highest quality of BIM services and workmanship to be very proud of.

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Electrical BIM Services Lower Hutt

Electrical BIM services represent the lightning layout, wiring diagrams, power system designs and cable drawings. It has all the information about the electrical systems, electrical equipment and their sizes, dimensions, material types and positioning. As an established BIM service and construction company in the world, we prioritise quality with electrical BIM services. Our expertise, technology and commitment to Building Information Modeling are supported by a range of services that cover just about every aspect of the construction industry. We provide unique and sustainable solutions, including HVAC BIM services, plumbing BIM services, MEP BIM services and BIM coordination drawings. Our services are of high quality, reliable, competitive and safe. We have skilled and experienced engineers to ensure that resilient electrical BIM services are provided for the successful operation of a building.

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4D Modeling Services Lower Hutt

4D Modeling services add the time-related data to the 3D BIM model, supporting the clients to analyse the sequence of construction on a timeline and helps to complete the task within the time. Our qualified engineers focus to deliver reliable and sustainable Building Information Modeling services according to our client's needs. We work closely with our clients to do efficient BIM construction planning. From concept to completion, our team offer a premium quality design service at highly competitive prices, making us one of the well known BIM Modeler in the world. We also lead the field of scan to BIM services and have strong expertise in the Architecture BIM Services, Structural BIM Services, BIM 5D Modeling Services and point cloud to BIM.

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5D Modeling Lower Hutt

5D BIM modeling is an intelligent process which integrates the information of cost in it. BIM 5D modeling services show the information on capital cost, running cost and costs of renewals. Our Building Information Modeling enables you to overcome highly complex technical challenges. We use the latest technologies to design Architecture BIM Services, Structural BIM Services, HVAC BIM Services, Plumbing BIM Services and Electrical BIM Services. Our BIM services add value throughout the project life cycle. We coordinate with architects, structural and mechanical engineers to deliver right BIM Services for better planning, designing, constructing and managing buildings. During the development of a project, BIM Modeler uses all relevant construction design and management regulations ensuring effective planning the cost.

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Scan to BIM Lower Hutt

Scan to BIM is a process of converting laser scan survey data into a Building Information Model (BIM) ready model. Laser-Scan to BIM creates the 3D model of the building, showing its detailed geometry. Point cloud to BIM solutions are excellent planning and designing tool, and can ultimately used for the renovation of the entire project. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can be relied upon to provide a cost-effective point cloud to BIM solutions to meet your particular requirement in limited time. As a BIM design consultancy, we also advise on numerous aspects of BIM including protocols, plans, data formats, data exchange and sharing.

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COBie BIM Services Lower Hutt

COBie or Construction Operations Building Information Exchange is the latest and the newest form of services that are being incorporated for the successful implementation of BIM Services for every BIM project. We at Building Information are the leading company that delivers BIM COBie services in Lower Hutt. It is the set of the service where the information is being handed over to the respective operators and the stakeholders of the building projects.

COBie is the form of international standard that is closely related to the information that shares the complete set of data that is required at the time of the physical construction of the BIM project. This is related to the work of spacing and equipment. Therefore, this is the set of services that is very much convenient and result-oriented with BIM. According to the latest trend and demand in the market, we design the model with the help of COBie BIM services and this is thus taken into consideration.

The set of implementation of COBie services is delivered in the form of a data spreadsheet that contains the information related to easy and accurate completion of BIM. As the data shared are in the form of spreadsheets like Google docs, excel sheets, this is then later converted into XML format to make the process bit lighter and easier. Also, we are not only the leading BIM COBie service provider in ILLINOIS, USA but also a trusted BIM outsourcing company globally.

Having said this, contact us today and let your dream BIM project be completed into reality by enduring and adhering to the latest set of COBie BIM services.

BIM 360 Design in Services Lower Hutt

In the modern era of Building Information Modeling Services, BIM 360 Design is the newest as well one of the greatest forms of the service in the field of engineering. We at Building Information Modeling is the leading and recommended company that delivers complete and result-oriented BIM 360 Design Services. It is the set of the work that is based on the access of data collaboration, design management, and cloud services. The service is completely a new platform that is developed on BIM 360 platform.

Thus, no matter if you are residing in whichever part of the world, if you have a BIM project that needs and requires BIM 360 design work, we are at your service. Moving further, you can easily outsource your BIM 360 Design services in Lower Hutt with us as we have the team of experienced and versatile engineers who understand the details that are shared by the clients. It is not at all wrong in saying that BIM 360 design service plays a vital role and thus it is important to implement this for BIM projects as well as BIM Services.

Moving further, these set of designs are created and built specifically for AEC industries with the motive to make their work simpler and easier. Also, if the clients are willing to have the real-time view of the project, the same is possible with the help of Autodesk Revit along with 2D and 3D models. We are Building Information is at your service to servce you at its best to deliver 100% customer-oriented BIM 360 Design services in Lower Hutt.

BIM 360 Design Platform or Stages.

  • BIM 360 Design
  • BIM 360 Glue / Pre-construction
  • BIM 360 Build / Field- Execution
  • BIM 360 OPS / Handover and Operations
  • BIM 360 Docs
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BIM 6D Services Lower Hutt

BIM 6D Services is the process of the work, where the stakeholders and the owners of the buildings get the detailed understanding of the building including its sustainability too. This level of work is related to transferring the entire information of the building that is related to the comfort and safety of the building. This stage of the work is completed following the dedicated level of developments hands in hands. Thus, no matter whether the project is undertaken for redevelopment of an old building or a constructing a new building it is necessary to follow every level of developments as well as different stages that is from BIM 4D services to BIM 7D services.

By following all the necessary codes and standards, we and our team of BIM engineers successfully assist in implementing 6D BIM services in Lower Hutt. As these stages of the service demand accuracy and use of the software, thus, major AEC Industries have nowadays started the culture of outsourcing BIM projects as there are a number of valid reasons too available.

Further, no matter whether the project is from residential to commercial, industrial to schools, colleges, hospitals, and universities, BIM 6D Services plays a vital role. Also, to outsource your BIM project, from any part of the world, the foremost as well as trustworthy company is none other than building information Contact us today and be rest assured to get your work completed with 100% accuracy and precision.

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LOD 300 BIM Services Lower Hutt

We are in the era of the 21st century where digitalization has advanced a lot and with the help of the latest tools and technology the work has become easier and faster. Another thing here is to adhere to and follow the BIM standards that are required for the successful delivery of BIM projects. We at Building Information are the profound company that delivers BIM LOD 300 services in Lower Hutt. This is also a truth that unless following different levels of development the work of BIM is incomplete and is not at all worth unless its importance is not understood. The first two LODs' are easy to understand and quite manageable, but then comes its third stage where the assistance is required. Thus, BIM level of development, i.e LOD 300 is named as a "Detailed Design" stage.

Building information is the one-stop destination where you will find a team of versatile engineers, designers, and drafters who collaboratively work together with clients and deliver the project with accuracy and precision. The level of work that is delivered in LOD 300 is the stage where specific shape, size, and design is given to the model. With the help of required software like CAD, the entire BIM LOD 300 Service is easier and quicker. Thus having said this contact us today and outsource your BIM LOD 300 services in Lower Hutt with

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LOD 400 BIM Services Lower Hutt

In the construction field or construction sector, BIM services indeed play a vital role. With the team of experienced engineers and drafters, we have delivered several BIM LOD 400 services in Washington. Having an experience for over 12+ years we adhere to every level of development that is required at the time of completing the BIM projects. Post completion of the LOD 300 stage it is necessary that the construction of the building takes place. This is only possible when LOD 400 is taken into consideration. This level of service is thus called "Construction Stage".

We at Building Information have an in-house team of BIM engineers and BIM modelers who assist in converting the virtual design into reality. Moreover, it is not at all wrong in saying that by following the required tools, software, and international standard implementation of LOD BIM 400 becomes easy. Also, no matter you are residing in whichever part of the world our BIM engineers deliver BIM level of development services globally.

Also, having experience for over 12+ years we not only are BIM service providers, but also are masters in delivering projects that demand COBie service, HVAC services, MEP Services, Mass Timber Building Services, and more.

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LOD 500 BIM Services Lower Hutt

In the construction field, the process of level of development plays an important role. Without following its accurate details and the decided roadmap, the completion of the project takes a longer time than usual. We at Building Information are the one-stop destination where you will find complete assistance from BIM consulting. Thus, it is not at all wrong in saying that LOD services are the detailed roadmap that shares the entire planning and schedule of the project i.e. from its start to the end. Moving further, once the stages from LOD 100 to LOD 400 are complete, the next and the crucial level that comes into existence is the proper and successful implementation of LOD BIM 500 services.

BIM LOD 500 is the final as well as a result-oriented stage that is named as "As-Built" and "field verified work". Our presence is in 6 countries globally and thus it is very much easier and convenient to connect with the team and have a detailed understanding of their BIM projects, as well as we are one of the leading BIM outsourcing company that delivers 100% accurate LOD500 BIM services in Washington and rests part of the world. The team of BIM engineers and BIM modelers adhere to follow all the desired international practices and standards that assist in completing the work smoothly and effectively.

Having said this, owing to the experience for over 12+years, we assist our clients in converting their dream into reality by understanding what our clients are wanting from us and how we stand on their expectations. With this said, contact us today.

MEP BIM Services Lower Hutt

We are in the era of the 21st century where the majority of AEC firms are heading towards the option of MEP BIM Services. The core and the strong reason for the same is to receive 3D model creation, construct ability review, clash coordination and construction document set preparation. Also, when thinking of outsourcing MEP BIM engineering services, one thing that strikes our clients is to contact Building Information Modeling. We are the leading provider of MEP BIM Services in Lower Hutt. Having experience for over 12+ years we provide an accurate and perfect set of work that includes 3D modeling, conversion of 2D drawings into 3D models.

Moving further, when our clients share the set of drawings and design from their part, it is the responsibility of our MEP engineers to have an accurate analysis and detailing based on certain aspects and systems. This complete details includes review of construction documentations, design optimization, clash coordination and that too in the modern form and not the traditional forms.

Contact us today to outsource your long awaited MEP BIM Modeling services provider whose ultimate goal is to deliver the work as per the customer satisfaction and also with the acceptance of all the software and processes that are pre-defined.

As-Built BIM Services Lower Hutt

Our expert BIM Engineers and BIM Modelers help the contractors to covert the data into a scanned format to use in the final As-Built BIM Drawings and Drafting Services. This helps the contractors to have a better understanding of the overall project and they can present it in a better way to their clients. These As-Built Drawings are also used for future references when a need arises for refurbishment or renovation of the building. We provide all the data on a single platform to our clients so that they can have a real picture and present the condition of the building to the owner. Here are some of the reasons to work with us for your next As-Built BIM Services :

  • Affordable Rates
  • High-Quality Service
  • Innovative Solution
  • Well Behaved Professionals
  • Expert Consultation
  • One on One Communication
  • Timely Delivery
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BIM Coordination Services Lower Hutt

We are the leading BIM Services Provider providing the best BIM Coordination Services to all our national and international clients. We are a dedicated CAD Outsourcing Company that supports its clients in the challenges of BIM in every single project. We enable our BIM Engineers to detect and resolve the MEP Engineering with Building Information Modeling (BIM) issues with extreme detailing. Our BIM Coordination Service serves various sectors of the AEC Industry including Retail, Healthcare, Industrial, Hospitality, and Commercial. Contact us today and get free quotes. Here are some of our key BIM Coordination Services that we provide worldwide :

  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • MEP Coordination Shop Drawings
  • BIM Coordination Modeling
  • Clash Detection Services
  • Revit MEP BIM Modeling
  • MEP BIM Coordination Services
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BIM Family Creation Services Lower Hutt

At Building Information Modeling, we provide efficient BIM Family Creation Services at cost-effective prices with the help of expert BIM Engineers. Our BIM Engineers work closely on every part or model that is involved in Revit Family Creation Process. They deliver all types of BIM Revit Family Creation Services by adhering to necessary code and standards. We are equipped with all the latest and necessary BIM Softwares including Revit to provide every type of BIM Engineering Service. You can connect with us today and get free quotes. Below are our offerings for Revit BIM Family Creation Services :

  • System Family or Default Families
  • Loadable Families
  • In-Place Families
  • Nested Families
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