Scan to BIM

Building Information Modeling is a leading organization that is specialized in Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. Being a BIM specialist, we accommodate our complex and intricate projects through Building Information Modeling that look after the A-Z of undertaken project. We are not only confined to the national horizon but hold the International appeal that broadened our area of services. Our team of experienced and passionate engineers and technicians that put their best foot forward and help in changing someone’s dream into reality. It’s their hard work that drives the Building Information Modeling towards the path of achievement. We are not limited to the role of a service provider but also cater a learning space for a young professional who wishes to learn the intricacies of BIM at the professional level that will lead to healthy contribution towards the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

Scan to BIM is a recently launched service in Building Information Modeling that are picking up a considerable measure of pace as it is the part of one of the essential area of construction field i.e. BIM. Our Scan to BIM Modeling is fully updated and handles every area of the project with extreme finesse and perfection. The process of Scan to BIM Conversion is primarily the Point Cloud Data to 3D Models that offers the automated identification and placement of various architectural and structural elements i.e. pipes, ducts, and conduits etc. The journey of Laser Scan to BIM Conversionis the complex one and we make sure that the defined Point Cloud to BIM Conversionwill establish the unique approach towards the model.

Our BIM Services

The Scan to BIM services:

  • Laser Scan to BIM
  • Point Cloud to BIM Solutions
  • Point cloud to BIM Conversion
  • Surface Reconstruction
  • Scan to BIM Conversion
  • Laser Scan to BIM Conversion
  • Scan to BIM Modeling
  • Point Cloud Data to 3D Models

Scan to BIM provides the potential to create native geometry models from point cloud that enables to analyse the difference between model geometry and the point cloud. Building Information Modeling Scan to BIM builds upon the Autodesk Revit platform that provides further point cloud application that is completely trustworthy.

Our Features:

  • Automated Identification of Pipe Batches
  • Generation of mesh element
  • Restoration Modeling
  • Filtering of unrequired items
  • Valuable Output
  • High level of accuracy

Building Information Modeling is stand out for its clarity and resourcefulness that sounds apt when we say that Building Information Modeling is a leading BIM provider that cater its services across the globe. With masses of experience and engagement at the global level, we provide the expertise, support, and training as per our design technology productivity and competitiveness of the market.

Why Us:

  • Efficient Cost
  • Passionate professionals
  • Availability for consultation
  • Licensed and updated software
  • Timely Delivery

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