COBie BIM Services

Building Information Modeling Services

COBie BIM Services | Construction Operations Building Information Exchange

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie Services is the set of data that exchanges the required standard that is used in the construction project to get all the information that contains information of the construction materials and the types of equipment that are required for the entire building project lifecycle. Here it is the facility manager who stores all the data in the form of digital information that is related to the operations and maintenance of the BIM function of 7D BIM projects.

COBie BIM Services in simple terms is a form of data that is available in a spreadsheet that has digital information on the material and building equipment once the construction is completed. In Building Information Modeling Services the entire data is developed to improve the process of the building from the owner’s point of view at the initial stage and this is possible with the help of a spreadsheet, Google docs, excel, etc. It is the construction professionals who can collaborate and connect all the documents and the data together and up to date during the construction phase and later can be handled and handed over to the client.

Building information works on the data and the information that is provided by the client with respect to the product data sheets, list of the equipment, raw materials, etc. All this set of information is used for 3D Revit Modeling which can later be used for the operational, managerial, maintenance, and asset management once the project is completely built and ready to use. The team of BIM experts delivers COBie services by providing quick and reliable management solutions with better support for clients.