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LOD 300 BIM Services | Detailed Design | Building Information Modeling

BIM Service is incomplete without following different levels of development. Every project that requires successful delivery of BIM is only possible with the help of proper implementation of LOD Services. Building information modeling.net is the leading company that delivers customer-oriented BIM services by following stages from LOD100 to LOD500. Each stage of LOD has its own importance and here we are all set to deliver the best LOD 300 BIM Services to its clients globally. This is the stage of the service where the engineers share the reason as to why BIM LOD 300 is important and how at the time of construction of a new building or redevelopment of an old building this service plays a vital role.

In Building Information Modeling services BIM LOD 300 level is considered as the level of “Detailed Design”. In this stage, the model design that is being created by the engineer will be sharing the accurate data and that is possible with the help of shop drawings services. We at building information modeling.net have a team of versatile engineers and drafters who understand the requirement of the clients and based on the 3D BIM models they share the information that is specific and must be needed. While undertaking BIM LOD 300 Service the contractors and the sub-contractors get the information that is related to the quantity, shape, size, location, and need and requirement of the raw materials. Thus, this level of development gives the knowledge for element models that are designed graphically or virtually.

We at building information modeling.net is the leading BIM Outsourcing Company that delivers the BIM projects with the help of the best BIM Software that is required for the completion of the project. We not only undertake the set of BIM standards but also with accurate and precise BIM Coordination we are the trusted and recommended BIM consulting service provider globally.

Why choose building information modeling.net to outsource BIM LOD300 services? This is a frequent question that everyone has and that is why to outsource BIM Building Information Modeling Services. Well, the reason for the same is as mentioned below.

  • Experience for over 12+ years
  • Use of software like Tekla, AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, ZWCAD+, etc
  • The dedicated team of 180+ engineers, designers, and BIM modelers
  • More than 2500+ happy and satisfied clients across the globe
  • Global presence in 6 countries including India
  • Successful delivery of more than 11000+ projects
  • The qualitative approach of the delivery of the project
  • Use of international codes and standards for the completion of projects
  • Cost-Effective and Time-Oriented delivery of the project

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