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LOD BIM 400 | Construction Stage | Building Information Modeling

In this fast-moving time, we are in the era of the 21st century where modernization in technology along with digitalization is adopted by each one of us. No matter whatsoever is the sector, to make the process of the work easier, simpler, and faster the use of modern technology is a must. Thanks to this advanced technology, because of which the right set of the information is getting transferred to the team for which they were looking for. The same is concluded with BIM services too. When the project is taken to its level that is the construction stage, there is a need and demand to adhere to BIM LOD400 services.

At Building information modeling.net, we have well-trained and experienced engineers who follow each and every level of detail that is required for the successful completion as well as the implementation of entire BIM projects. This level of details i.e. LOD 400 is the “Construction” stage where all the design models and drawings are converted into reality for better results. As we know that unless we do not have proper planning and discussion, the implementation of the BIM services and BIM project is not successful.

Thus, it is necessary to have proper implementation of the service so that the durability of the building is for the long-term. Hence, the team of BIM engineers works very closely with clients, architects, manufacturers, contractors, and sub-contractors. LOD 400 Services are the proper set of work that delivers as well as shares the information that is very accurate and precise. This set of designs will share the information that is required in every Construction Drawings.

This BIM LOD 400 is related to sharing the information that has details of size, quantity, shape, quantity, quality, and location of the model. This level of LOD is the work process in which the models are getting assembled and fabricated. This is the process in which without having proper understanding and the knowledge the construction cannot proceed further. Building information modeling.net is the leading and trusted BIM outsourcing company that assist all its clients to convert their dream project into reality.

Moving further we are not only the best BIM Service Provider, but also specialized in delivering detailed CAD services, along with MEP Services, Shop Drawing Services, Cabinet Shop Drawing Services, COBie services, and many more. To know more about our service or if you are looking to outsource your BIM Project that your one-stop destination is at building information modeling.net. Also, if you want to have a free quotation for your project you can either email us or call us and the team will be reverting back to you within 24 hours.