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The latest and future-oriented service that has changed the definition of the construction field is none other than BIM360 Design. It is the service in which with the help of the Revit BIM 360 Service the exchange of data is shared easily and accurately. This is the service that gives the reason and benefit of enjoying at the work within the controlled environment and that is possible with the help of BIM 360 design. The entire process of BIM 360 Design is the processing of the work that is used for design management, data collaboration, and cloud services. Further, to proceed further, it is the service that delivers the projects by considering the complete set of Revit models and this is what makes the work easier, simpler, and cost-effective with BIM 360 AutoCAD.

We at Building information deliver the best and customer-oriented 360 BIM Services to its clients globally. The team here ensures working in this model that gives the entire update on BIM 360 Management and its uses. Also, the best use of the service is that it gives a real-time update of the project as well as is the communication link and bridge for taking a better and faster decision-making process. Moreover, if you are looking to outsource your BIM project with us along with BIM 360 design that we are at your service. Not only this we commit and adhere to follow all the international codes and standards that make the project workflow quicker and faster.

Moreover, the complete BIM 360 design service is complete by following the below necessary stages and those are mentioned below.

  • BIM 360 Design: This is the first stage that completes the entire design in a proper as well as collaborative way by following the authoring of Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 Navisworks.
  • BIM 360 Glue: It is the stage where the process of pre-construction takes place. For every building project, it is necessary to adhere to this stage and it is with the help of bim 360 Civil 3D.
  • BIM 360 Build - Once the work of the project is getting started it is necessary that the respective engineer visits the field and check what is the progress on the project and thus this stage of work is termed as “Field Execution”.
  • BIM 360 OPS - The final stage which is termed as the stage of Handover and Operations of the buildings and the stakeholders that gives the entire update of the project.

Thus, to outsource your BIM 360 design project or BIM project then your final destination is none other than building information Also, to get free quotes for your project, you can simply fill the form and the team will share with you the details along with the samples too.