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Building Information Modelling is one of the leading MEP BIM Outsourcing organization that is specialized in providing full-fledged and detailed MEP BIM Services. We work very closely with our clients globally and understand their need and requirements in the process of MEP Services. In this era of the 21st century where the technology has advanced a lot, the engineering’s firms too has advanced a lot. This is all possible with the software that has developed and has eventually made it easy and fast. Having said this, we at Building Information Modelling is at the service of its clients to provide them the best result and outcome for their projects.

In the process of constructing a building whether it is old or new, MEP Services plays a vital role. The terminology or the full form of MEP is Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing and Piping Services. Having an experience for over 12+ Years our team have worked on the industrial, residential, and commercial and many more projects. We have a team of highly trained and versatile architects, engineers, drafters, and modelers who take the whole and sole responsibility to provide the outcome of the project that is worth and having a long-term durability.

The services that are offered by us are not limited to one or two. As stated, we provide complete and full-fledged services and to make it a success, we ensure that every construction standards and BIM codes applicable based on the locations. Below mentioned is the list of the services that are been offered by us when the project is related to MEP BIM Service.

MEP BIM Modelling Services MEP Coordination Services MEP BIM Coordination Services 3D MEP BIM Services MEP BIM Shop Drawings Services
As-Built Drawings Revit MEP BIM Services MEP Fabrication Drawings Conversion of 2D Designs into 3D Models 2D CAD Drafting and Detailing

Moving further, we provide 3D MEP Modeling Services to all Architectural, Electrical, and Construction (AEC) industries. No matter how big or small or how simple or complex the project is, our in-house team supports the clients and provides them complete virtual models with the help of CAD Services along with 2D drawings and 3D modeling. We also provide MEP BIM Service for HVAC ducts and other HVAC components to the contractors who are associated with the need MEP Services.

To know more about our services and the operational work we do, you can contact us over the phone or can email us on The team here will get in touch with you within 24 business hours. Also, not only in India be you residing in any part of the country you can Outsource your BIM Project with us and our team will be at your service to assist you and will provide 100% accurate work that the clients are expecting from us.