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Level of Development | LOD 500 BIM Services | As-Built Stage

LOD 500 is the final stage as well as the process of BIM services. It is the stage where post completion of the construction projects, the owner will start observing the movement of the work and have a check on the dream coming into reality. It is the final stage of the project that is termed as the “As-Built” stage. Each one of us is familiar with the process of BIM Services and their different levels of development. Also, this is a fact that without following these steps and stages the construction project is incomplete and has no use at all. Thus, it is important to adapt and follow each and every step so as to get 100% accuracy and precision in the work.

Building information modeling.net is the leading BIM outsourcing company that follows all the necessary codes, international standards, software, that are required for completion of BIM LOD500 Services. Another name for this service is also called as “Field Verified” stage. Also, this is to update that the entire project in BIM LOD500 is one of the crucial as well as tough work as it requires drawings and designs that are been created and portrayed to get converted into reality and with the dedicated information given as required in shape, size, and molds.

Now moving further, one thing that needs to be shared is the software that is required and used for the completion of this level. The software used is Revit, and also termed as Revit LOD 500. So, having said this get in touch with us and let your dream come into reality with the help of the best team of experienced BIM Consultants. Also, owing to the importance of the service we assure that we deliver the work with a given time frame along with full-fledged details and thus assist all the contractors and owners to proceed with all the work without any stoppage and road-roller.

To more about our services or to get free quotes for the service, you can contact us or send us an email and the team will be reverting back to you within 24 hours.